I was just poking around Google and throwing a bunch of words in for really no reason. Then up pops an Owatonna Street. It's located in Haworth, New Jersey. The town has a population of 3,382 and Owatonna Street can be seen in the middle of the link below running by the town's school. We have instances of early settlers from out east bringing along names of towns, landmarks and other things to the Midwest and then naming towns and rivers and such around here. I wonder how Haworth came to name a street Owatonna Street as Princess Owatonna is sort of a local icon.

Are you aware of any other landmarks, streets and such around the country named Owatonna? Duluth, Blaine and Mankato have Owatonna Streets but they're in Minnesota of course. I wonder how New Jersey came to have an Owatonna Street.

I'll throw out a possible suggestion. The legend of Princess Owatonna involves her drinking water from the Mineral Springs for her health. Now, the first water delivered to residents of Howarth came from an artesian well on Owatonna Street. It's written that it took all day Sunday to pump the water tank full from the well. Is that a possible answer? The relationship between water? I have no idea if the water tank came first or Owatonna Street. Something to think about at least.


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