Information Specialist Dan Ruiter of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources was Todd Hale's guest on AM 1390's Fair Talk. The DNR booth will once again be located inside the Izaac Walton League Building. They will have their familiar display of fish caught in local waters. In addition you'll find information on hunting and fishing, and you'll also have to chance to learn about the State Parks and State Trail systems in our area.

You'll have the opportunity to learn how to make a camping reservation for a camp site at a state park. Online registration is now the only way that you may do so. Their booth will also feature a lake finder and the latest hunting regulation books will be available.

A fairly new program headed up by the DNR is the Walk In Access hunting lands. These are lands that the DNR pays the landowner to allow public hunting. The goal was to reach 25,000 acres. To date they have close to 27,000 acres in this program. This effort was expanded to include Steele and area counties this spring. So far there is at least one new hunting spot available for public hunting in Steele County and one in Waseca county.

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