It was not intentional, I swear. On Sunday we ditched Mom during our now annual Mother's Day 5K. My daughter and I have been running together for a couple of years. So the kids and I were going to jog over to the park and join my wife for a walk along the trails. She had the dog in tow, who is too old with short legs for a run (the dog!).

Then our signals got crossed. She wasn't sure which trail to start on. She walked back to find us on our run to the park. But we didn't go the way she thought. We got to the trail and started down it, wondering how she could have gotten so far ahead of us.

We only had one phone among the four of us, so that wasn't going to be of much help.

My son suggested we go back to the parking lot. Had we done that, we would have found her right away. Instead, I said, "No. Let's separate. You run that way. I'll run this way and we'll find her." When that didn't work, we started back toward the parking lot and found her.

We still had time for a nice little walk and had a pretty laugh about the mix up.

It was great for the kids to come home and prepare Mother's Day dinner with only a little help planning, preparing and cleaning up from Mom.


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