If you're saying yes, you're in my age bracket. If you're scratching your head and wondering what a transistor radio was, then I'm gonna scratch my head and ask you what a Justin Bieber is. Back in the day even the smallest portable TV went for at least a hundred bucks. Way too high for the average family to spend on a kid. Transistor radios were a different story. Probably priced from 5-10 dollars. The more transistors, the more expensive and the better the reception. You had a sort of freedom with a transistor as you could listen to your ball games wherever you went. You could crank up the rock out of your parents hearing range. For a lot of  kids it's was the first baby step towards some type of independence.

Now let's change it up just a bit as this photo is not a transistor radio. Can anyone identify it? If so you're around my age. They were popular for a few years. It's an FM converter. You could plug it into your car radio which of course was only an AM. Set it on certain AM frequency and then tune the converter and pull in FM radio stations. Kind of cool for it's time. Did you have an FM converter?


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