The weather won out in March so Curtis and Loretta will makeup their performance this Saturday, May 4 at the Owatonna Arts Center. Their program "When There's Good To Be Done" will be at 2pm. The event is co-hosted by the Minnesota State Public School Orphanage Museum and the Owatonna Arts Center.

Peter Razor and Harvey Ronglien who grew up in the orphanage are scheduled to appear and speak as well.

Loretta writes songs about real-life people who overcame insurmountable challenges in their lives. They include a song about a World War 2 vet whose ship was sunk by kamikazes and he wound up saving another man's life. Also a song about a woman who donated a kidney to a girl she had never met. Loretta has also written about a woman who grew up in poverty in Somalia and went on to become a nurse at the Mayo Clinic.

Suggested donation to attend is $5.


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