Crazy Days kicks off at 7am on Thursday, July 25 in Owatonna. Over the years Crazy Days has evolved into a three day get together of bargains and activities.

As a young boy in the 60's Crazy Days was maybe the highlight of the year for this farm kid. All the merchants dressed up and stuff cheap enough that a little fellow with 50 cents could really bring home a haul. I remember seeing my grandpa buy this toy car and thought that was strange. I asked him about it and said I had seen wrong. Come December guess what little Loren got for his birthday.

This years event n Owatonna will feature pickle ball demo's, historic walking tours and the SCFF Big Chair will be on display. Some events to take in include a free melon feed from 5-8pm and car show from 5-7pm. The Owatonna Community Band plays Thursday night at 7pm in Central Park.

The Kid's Parade is Friday at 10am with a Crazy Hair contest at 1045am. The Owatonna Sings competition takes place on Saturday, July 27 at 1pm in Central Park.

The Owatonna Business Partnership Facebook page has more information.

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