Anyone interested in deer can talk with area wildlife managers at meetings scheduled across Minnesota in the coming weeks. The focus onthe discussions will be on the upcoming deer season, progress in meeting population goals and listening to your thoughts on how to improve deer management.

The local  open-house style meetings will provide hunters and others interested in deer a forum for sharing their observations. There are no formal presentations planned.

The nearest meeting in our area will be Thursday, August 23 from 6-8PM at the Waterville Fish Hatchery. If you can't make the meeting contact a local wildlife manager for information on how to offer your thoughts and opinions.

You can learn more at the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources web site.

On a side note, the DNR announces that all-terrain vehicle users registered for private or agricultural use can explore both the old and new trails in Minnesota free the weekend of September 7-9. Normally you would pay the registration fee of $60 for three years to ride the public trails.

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