According to the information packet sent out ahead of Owatonna City Council meetings, one agenda item on the City Council's study session packet stood out. The item of discussion was listed as an update to the City of Owatonna logo. If you aren't familiar with the City of Owatonna logo, you can see what it currently looks like below.

Image Credit: City of Owatonna website
Image Credit: City of Owatonna website

The current logo features an image of a Native American woman, Princess Owatonna, in front of a blue and red shield/coat of arms that features in yellow/gold, different symbols that represent different area's/industries that originated or are representative of Owatonna. On top of the crest sits a horn of plenty, or cornucopia, overflowing with fruits and vegetables.

I sent my questions as to what might be changing about the City of Owatonna logo to City Administrator Kris Busse, and she referred me to the City of Owatonna Communications Manager, Deanna Sheely.

Sheely indicated to me that:

"The changes referred to really are simply a cleaning up of the logo artwork as the current options are being used inconsistently and have poor resolution when reduced to small sizes. So, the recommendations being considered will retain much of the current logomark but establish specific colors, fonts, etc."

So the City of Owatonna is looking to make their logo more friendly to various formats of use, including shrinking the logo for things like letterhead or being able to increase the size of the city logo for other purposes.

A 'style guide' for best use of city logo, font, and colors will also be created for best practices by staff related to the City of Owatonna. These changes to the logo's artwork according to Sheely "require[s] some clean-up and simplification."

So for now it appears all is well when it comes to Princess Owatonna and the other elements of the logo remaining in place, there will just be some guidelines when and how to use the logo going forward.

I'm hoping that the City of Owatonna will share the updated logo when it's been formally approved.

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