I have always been a fan of the odd and different, and much to my delight, there is a website that features odd holidays. I found out that today, January 14, is Dress Up Your Pet Day.

This made me think, how many of our pets actually enjoy getting dressed up? Some of them are probably more accepting than others, however, it may be that they are humoring us pet parents. If my cats could talk, I am sure they would be happy to remind me that they have fur, and don't need to accessorize. Maybe my fur babies don't need to get dressed up, but the expressions on their faces are pretty funny when they are.

Bumblebee Kitty Melissa Hall/ Townsquare Media
Bumblebee Kitty Melissa Hall/ Townsquare Media

I have two kitties, a pure black kitty adopted from the Steele County Humane Society, and a pure gray kitty found wandering outside that was adopted by my family. The black kitty does not like to be dressed up at all, and the gray kitty just sighs as if to say, "fine, but get this off me now."

You can see the expressions on my fur babies' faces, and can easily tell which one truly hates being dressed up, so, we probably won't be celebrating with her today.

For other odd holidays, go to the site I found, holiday insights, to see what else you can celebrate.

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