February is Heart Month. Every month is actually a good time to thing about the health of your heart. Heart disease accounts for around 30% of deaths world wide. I've had a number of friends stricken by heart disease the last few months. And they aren't old timers either. A gal back home died of a heart attack at 66 last month. A friend of mine had triple bypass at 61 recently and just last week a 68 year old friend of mine suffered a major heart attack and is on life support at the Mayo. Of course I can count myself among the victims of at least one heart attack. I poked around and dug up some interesting tidbits about the heart.

Cartilage doesn't have blood or of course blood vessels but there is one other part of your body that doesn't have blood vessels. Think a bit and the answer comes later.

Did you know your left lung is a bit smaller than the right lung? It's so you have room to fit your heart in. Women under the age of 55 have more than twice the risk of heart attack if they suffer moderate to severe depression.

A couple things to know in regards to heart disease risk. Does your shoe or shoes feel tight recently? Swollen feet or ankles might mean you're retaining water due to a weakening heart. I should have checked that box five years ago. Your waistline is a clue. Measure your waistline it shouldn't be more than half your height. If you're 6 feet or 72 inches tall, your waist line should not be more than 36 inches.

And here's your answer to the question above. Your corneas don't have blood vessels but they can't use blood. How would you see? They rely on tears.Maybe you guessed it was your finger nails that don't have blood vessels. They do. Did you know the part of the nails you see and cut are dead? The live part is under the skin being nourished with blood through blood vessels.

February is Heart Month. Take care of it all year long.

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