It's been nice but all good things must come to end. I'm talking these above normal temperatures. We not only have the potential for measurable snowfall on Thursday and Thursday night, it appears we've got our first real cold snap coming right behind it.

The majority of the forecasts I checked out indicate we'll be lucky to get to 10 degrees for a high on Saturday. Sunday is colder yet with a high in the single digits and then a plunge down to 10 or more degrees below zero on Christmas Eve. We'll rebound back to a high of around 3 above for Christmas and the following Tuesday.

Wait, there's even colder air in the offing. The folks at Accu Weather are calling for a low on New Years Eve of 18 below. The New Year's high looks to be warmer than Christmas day though at around 14.

Ah, let's think positive. By the end of the week the we'll be gaining more daylight.

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