There really seems to be a scam for just about everything these days.

The Better Business Bureau recently issued an alert regarding locksmith scams, which I would have never dreamed would even be a thing. According to their alert, there are a few different locksmith scams to be aware of.

The first locksmith scam centers around an individual searching for a locksmith service on the internet after having locked themselves out of their car or home. Scammers posing as locksmith businesses "use the name and logo of a reputable locksmith" to get your attention. When you call them, they follow through with the scam, posing as an actual locksmith and giving you a low quote on their services. From there, they up the price and ask for your personal information.

In the second locksmith scam, the BBB claims a scammer will tell you that opening your door isn't possible and/or that you need a new lock. Not only will they try to sell you a generic one for a high cost, selling you on lies that it is extra secure, but they will also gain personal information from you, like your address and how to get into your home later on.

I shouldn't be shocked but I truly am baffled that these scams are even a thing! The length scammers will go to to scam others is astounding. I am glad I learned about these scams because, without reading about them, it's possible I would have fallen victim to one someday.

The BBB advises consumers to ask lots of questions when contacting a locksmith service, check their I.D. and do your research. Another fun fact? The BBB says locksmiths will never use a drill on a lock.

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