Keep your eyes to the sky later this morning into the evening hours. Several models from the National Weather Service have shown heavy rains arriving anywhere between 11 am and 1 pm and moving rapidly through to the East. This model from shows the heavy rain and possible severe weather arriving around 11 am.

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The severe storms will come in addition to the widespread rain we've had here in Southern Minnesota where some totals are in the area of 3-4 inches having already fallen and in some areas they have had closer to 5-6 inches of rainfall.

The main threats associated with this storm system would be damaging winds and possible tornadoes. Large hail is also possible.  All of this possible severe weather is relying on us seeing the sun today. If we don't see sunshine, the likelihood of severe weather gets lower as the storm won't get the "fuel" it needs from a warming atmosphere colliding with the incoming cold front.

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