Fall is my favorite season, I love the colors, I love the cooler air, I love getting out my hoodies and having bonfires.T he first day of Fall is on Saturday, September 22nd, I looked it up. With Fall comes leaves falling, temperatures falling, beautiful colors, and pumpkin spiced EVERYTHING.

I do not love pumpkin spice, and it does not need to be in everything. Pumpkin spice candles, waxes, air fresheners, not everything needs to smell like you just got done baking a pie. There are even memes and spoof products that are pumpkin spice, like toothpaste and toilet paper. Enough. We get it, some people really love pumpkin spice, but, it has gone way too far.

Don't get me wrong, I like pumpkin pie, desserts, rolls, and muffins. But, that's it, that's where it ends, at least for me. My best friend gets all excited when pumpkin spice lattes are available, and I'm over here drinking my coffee with a sweet cream, no extra spices.

Of course, I get a kick out of seeing how many ridiculous products get the pumpkin spice "added" to them, you can see a bunch here. My favorite is, no joke, pumpkin spice shotgun shells. Now, most of these are very much a joke, a commentary on how popular pumpkin spice is.

You can enjoy your pumpkin spice everything, I'll be enjoying my favorite season, without extra pumpkin spice.

Pumpkin Spice Everything
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