Just as sure as the sun will rise each day, airlines will find another way to squeeze more money out us, right?


Right. So, hold on to your wallet if you're flying Delta Airlines out of Minnesota (or anywhere, I guess.) They just announced that they're raising their fees...again. So what is it this time? Are they charging more for window seats? Maybe implementing a fee to use the bathroom?

While those are good guesses (and, really, just how long will it be before they implement THOSE made-up fees?!?), it's actually the fee you pay to check a bag that Delta is raising. According to this Forbes.com story, Delta is joining fellow airlines United and Jet Blue, who both raised their checked-bag fees yesterday as well.

So how much is Delta going to ding you just for putting your baggage on the plane for you? Well, that'd be another $5 per bag. This Star-Tribune story says that the new fees will bring the total to check a bag on Delta flight to $30 for your first bag, and another $40 for your second checked bag.

Nice. (<--- Note the sarcasm font I used there.)

I don't fly all that often-- only once or so a year, if that-- but I'm old enough to remember when the airlines let you take your bags with you... for free! (Although, I guess Southwest still does that.) Of course, Delta noted that the new fees don't apply if you're one of their bigwig, fancy-pants Elite passengers or have a Delta credit card.

And don't kid yourself, all these fees the airlines squeeze out of us are big business-- Forbes noted that domestic carriers in the U.S. raised $7.4 billion-- yes, that's BILLION-- on checked-bag and ticket change fees last year!

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