The Steele County Historical Society regularly hosts presentations entitled "History Uncorked. It's a chance to learn about a particular bit of Steele County history while enjoying a beverage of your choice.The next edition will be this Thursday night, September 20 at 7PM at the Steele County History Center.

The presentation deals with an Eliza Brown who had a farm in Merton township. Eliza became concerned about her handyman's intentions towards her daughter. In 1862 she let her rip.I won't reveal details but trust me, Eliza had to be something like a hurricane when let into her hired hand. It's written it took nearly a year before he recovered from his injuries. As a result of the attack Brown was charged with attempted murder.

You're invited out Thursday to listen in on the arguments between the two attorneys while the audience serves as the deliberating jury.

Tickets are $15 for non members and $10 for members and include a beverage of your choice.

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