The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources reports that they have already responded to a number of ice rescue calls around the state. DNR conservation office Hannah Mishler points out that ice that is snow covered is extremely deceptive as you can't see the cracks or thickness of the ice under the snow.

The DNR is also reminding parents that with Christmas vacation coming up shortly many youngster will be out and about and not knowledgeable in regards to the dangers of the thin ice.

The DNR offers these guidelines in regards to ice thickness:

Always wear a life jacket on the ice

Never let a child be near the ice without supervision

Minimum ice thickness guidelines for new clear ice is as follows:

4 inches for ice fishing or activities on foot

5-7 inches for an ATV

8-12 inches for a car or small truck

12-15 inches for a medium sized truck.

The DNR says to double the above minimums for white or ice covered with heavy snow. The season is coming but just not yet, here in Southern Minnesota. Temperatures during the day the next few days is expected to be above the freezing mark.

Better safe than sorry.

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