Fellow Baby Boomers you've perhaps asked your children or grandchildren "what kind of music is that you're listening to?" If that sounds familiar, perhaps it's because it's the same question our parents asked us years ago. Looking back we did listen and watch some freaky stuff. Make believe you've got your kids or grand kids nearby and you're gonna play some of the music you grew up with in the 70's. I'm choosing the play list and here we go.


The Undisputed Truth had a big hit with Smiling Face. You've heard and it's a good song. But, have you seen them perform it? Surprise!


How about this novelty hit? The Hen House Five was actually Ray Stevens who touched the top 40 with this one.

How would you explain to your kids or grand kids this hit from the 70's?

That lead singer is still alive today. Not sure how he did going by the above performance.

Here's one more. Remember this one? They're actually from Belgium. They claimed it was jungle fever but it might be some other kind of fever.

After this maybe that stuff our kids and grand kids listen to isn't as bad as we think? I don't know.

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