A family from Buffalo Minnesota is missing a member of the family and it has taken a huge toll on everyone including the other dogs who are wondering where their sister dog is. This tragic situation could have been avoided with proper training on the part of the Amazon driver. By the sounds of it, the family lives on the outskirts of town on 8 acres of land and their three dogs roam freely outside.

I am sure that for delivery drivers and mail carriers dogs are always a risky part of the job, and obviously, I do not know what the policy is for Amazon as far as what to do if approached by a dog and you are uncomfortable or scared. But honestly what this driver did to that poor dog is absolutely horrifying!

The dog that was injured was 9-year-old Jakey a female rottweiler. According to her family, she was very gentle and was even a therapy dog for her first three years visiting patients in hospitals and nursing homes. The Frank family consists of Katrina, her husband, 5 kids, and now the 2 remaining dogs.

The incident occurred on October 19 when a car pulled up into the driveway and a woman with an Amazon vest got out of the vehicle with a package when the three dogs came up to the car to greet them. Jakey was not doing anything she was just standing still.

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When the female passenger got out of the car and saw the dogs she started screaming, and that is when the driver got out of the car and started kicking Jakey in the stomach. Jakey turned and was heading towards Katrina when the man started punching her and picked up some rocks throwing them at all 3 dogs.

Jakey had to be put down this past Tuesday, 2 weeks after her she was attacked due to her injuries. The entire family is truly devastated especially her children. Her 6 and 8-year-old children won't stay at the house right now because they don't want to come home from school without Jakey there to greet them.

Katrina has been in contact with Amazon, who offered them $5,000 in compensation, but she doesn’t feel that’s enough. She wants a guarantee that the company is training its delivery drivers. Katrina said to FOX9:

Don't hurt the animal. Don't put somebody's pet at risk. She was so much more than just a dog.

Amazon sent FOX 9 a statement saying, "We’re deeply saddened to hear of Jakey’s passing and we’ll continue coordinating with the family to support them as we have since this was first reported."

A spokesperson for Amazon said they’ve looked into the incident, and the employee indicated she was scared during the encounter with Jakey. She is still doing deliveries for Amazon and it is still not clear if the other person in the car works for Amazon or not.

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