Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News)- An anonymous donation has paved the way for construction of a new pastoral center in Rochester. 

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Bishop of the Winona-Rochester Diocese Robert Barron announced the donation Thursday. The announcement means the Diocese will move the Bishop's office to Rochester. 

Diocese of Winona-Rochester
Diocese of Winona-Rochester

Citing Rochester’s population and that 65% of Catholics in the diocese live between Rochester and Mankato, the diocese says its members would be better served with the pastoral center being moved to Rochester. 

“Without the tremendous generosity of the donor, this could not have been possible. Clearly a gift of this magnitude helps us to move forward in our mission of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Southern Minnesota. My heart is filled with gratitude,” Bishop Barron said. 

The diocese’s goal is to be moved into the new building by 2024. The full donation announcement is available below:  

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