Ever since I was a young teenager I have been interested in radio broadcasting. My brother and sister and local neighborhood friends would spend hours playing and recording radio shows. We used the cassette recorder that I had received as a present one Christmas to record the shows and my Mom's old turntable and records for music. I still have a few of those old tapes somewhere.

Recently I found a website called Atlas Obscura with all kinds of odd places and things to see. I narrowed it down to Hidden Minnesota: Discover 76 Unusual Things to Do in Minnesota. One of the places I'd never heard of before is the Museum of Broadcasting, otherwise known as the Pavek Museum of Broadcasting. Located in St. Louis Park, it features more than 12,000 square feet of antique radios, televisions and broadcast equipment. This collection also features broadcast equipment manufactured right here in Minnesota and items that have historic significance for the entire broadcast industry. A lot of the vintage equipment that's on display is from the personal collection of Dunwoody instructor Joe Pavek that he had squirreled away for years.

If you recall the Twin Cities children's shows "Axel and His Dog" and "Lunch With Casey," you can relive those childhood memories by picking them up on DVD. I grew up with Casey Jones and even went to see him at the Faribo Plaza when I was a little kid, so it would be nice to pick up a copy of some of his old shows.

I've now put this on my list of places I'd like to see soon. Probably very soon, because they'll be closed for the summer due to remodeling.

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