There have been several TV shows based in Minnesota such as the Mary Tyler Moore Show and Coach. How about a successful TV show that had 2 co-stars that were both born in Minnesota?

You probably have to be a baby boomer or someone who has seen the old re-runs of Fury. The show ran from 1955-1960. Here's a link to the very first episode

The star was a rancher who had lost his wife and child in a car accident. The role of Jim Newton was played by Minnesota's very own Peter Graves. He was born in Minneapolis. He's also known as the star of Mission Impossible and the brother of Gunsmoke star James Arness. You can read more about him here.

His sidekick was William Fawcett.

The old codger was actually a Methodist Minister and had a PHD. How many actors have one of those? Fawcett was born just outside Rochester, right down the road from here.

Fury ran from 1955-1960. For those of you who remember the show, you probably watched it Saturday mornings though it did have a run in prime time TV for a while.

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