We Minnesotans love to eat. But some items are odd. From canned meat that's a Hawaiin favorite to fish soaked in lye to absolutely anything on a stick, we've got all the food groups covered.

  • Lutefisk

    Not being a native Minnesotan, (I've only lived here about 45 years), I'm not a big fan.

  • Hotdish

    It's not a casserole. It's hotdish. Tater tots and cheese are two ingredients that will work with anything. Add some peas and ground beef and you are all set.

  • Walleye

    Fresh from the lake, if it's not still frozen, is the best.

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  • Anything-on-a-stick

    The MN State Fair has the market cornered on this concept.

    Minnesota State Fair
  • Spam

    There's a museum dedicated to it. 'Nuf said. And its birthday is coming up May 11.

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  • Lefse

    A Norwegian favorite.

  • Swedish Meatballs

    Hard to stop after just one, or two, or three.

  • Venison

    Best if gotten in the field and not on the road.