These are as essential as can be.

From anywhere from late-October/early-November through March we go without sunshine for days on end. It's enough to drive a sane person crazy... that is unless you're from Minnesota. Then it's just another day in 'paradise,' right? Of course, you truly have to love this state in order to live here and put up with her various headaches all year-round.

But there are some things that any Minnesotan would never live without – either because it’s impossible, or we just don’t want to.

Here’s a list of 7 of those things:

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    Look, I know what you're thinking and, no, I'm not crazy. No matter how much we all complain about it, most Minnesotans wouldn't want to live without a fresh blanket of snow every now and then. Unfortunately, we're usually already sick of it after Christmas. But you have to admit it's still beautiful to look at once in a while.

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    Solid Pair of Winter Boots

    Minnesotans know first-hand that if your feet get cold, the rest of you follows. It's that simple. So always be sure to have a pair handy, along with an extra pair of socks!

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    An Ice Scraper

    Although there are some idiots out there that try and brave our winters without one, it's definitely a must-have. And not one of those puny ones, either. In MinneSNOWta, you need one of those nice long-handled scrapers with a brush on the opposite end, because our winters mean business! And a side note, you NEED to carry it in your car. It does no good hanging out in your garage! For anyone out there who still needs to get one, or just needs an upgrade, feel free and buy yours HERE.

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    Jumper Cables

    We have a saying around here, and it's called Minnesota-nice. Whether we find ourselves stuck in a pickle, or we see somebody who needs a little help, Minnesotans always come prepared with jumper cables in our trunk. It's also an unwritten law that we learn how to use them at a young age for instances mentioned above so that we can get out of trouble if it should arise.

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    A Snow Shovel

    Like the ice scraper, it would be pretty hard to make it through a Minnesota winter without a shovel (or three). And it's another thing you'll want to have in your car during the winter, too! There's ones you can buy that break down for easy storage.

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    Ice Melt - Salt

    Uff da! Where would we be without this stuff in our lives? If I'm not home to shovel off the initial snow fall, I'm immediately going for the bag of ice melt in my garage to spread across my walk and driveway. A 50 lb bag will run you about $17-20, which is a solid investment to avoid falling on your butt in front of your neighbors.

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    Snow blower

    This one goes without any explanation.