I guess the sayings "strike while the iron's hot" or "get it while the gettin's good" would apply to the first weekend in February. With the Big Game going coming to the Cities it'll be an opportunity to cash in and make some big bucks. A number of folks have listed their homes for rent to out of towner's for the game. Here's a look at a few.

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    Prior Lake

    This 4 bedroom and 3.5 bath home is for rent for $1,500 a night prior to the big weekend. Rent goes to $2,000 per night for the Big Game Weekend. This party will even rent you their car for an extra charge.

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    5 bath rooms and sleeps 20. It's $20,000 per night. Um, that's the rent before the game. If you want it the first weekend in February, it's $40,000 per night. If you plan on entertaining for dinner, there's seating for 64 and room for 400 if planning a reception.

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    Hudson, WI

    Our neighbors in Wisconsin are getting on board as well. This 4 bath home in Hudson sleeps 14. Rent is $5499 per night.

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    This Richfield rental has 3 bedrooms and rents for $700 a night for the Big Game weekend.

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    Hey, I might as well get in on this money making venture too. I'll rent my playhouse(man cave) out for the big weekend. 2 cases of beer per night and bring your own LP tank. Sleeps up to 4 or just 1 if you can't sleep standing up. I'll park my old pickup between the front door and our house so you'll have some bathroom privacy when you step out to use the yard. Includes free cat to cuddle with.