In the movies, music and the ring, famous people from Owatonna.

  • E.G. Marshall. Marshall was in more than 150 films and TV appearances. He was in, most notably, 12 Angry Men as Juror No. 4. He was also in "Creepshow."
  • Adam Young. Young is Owl City. He has a song in Wreck-It Ralph -- "When Can I See You Again." Remember "Fireflies"?
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    Travis "Diesel" Wiuff.

  • Joel D. Wynkoop. Wynkoop has been acting for decades in B-movie horror films. In 1994, he was in Wicked Games as a demented masked madman. In 1999 he was a psychotic policeman in Dirty Cop No Donut.
  • Todd Fossey. Fossey co-produced Overnight, which was shown at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival and in 40 cities and 37 countries.
  • Eugene Gericke. In the 1940s, Gene Garrick -- as he was listed in the cast -- has been in Green Hell, Thoroughbreds and Gun Town.
  • Landyn Banx. Banx was born in Owatonna and grew up in Faribault. He has acted locally in Minneapolis with Minnesota-based production companies. Banx has an uncredited part in A Serious Man and was an extra in Nobody, which is a Josh Hartnett film (another Minnesotan).
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