The Owatonna High School Activities Department recently announced that Dave Fromm will become the new boys hockey coach for the Huskies. Fromm is from Minnesota and has spent the last decade coaching a AAA program in Colorado. He coached at Minneapolis South before heading west.

He is excited to come into the Owatonna program and shared some of those feelings during an interview with AM 1390 KRFO / 94.7 FM, your radio home to Huskies hockey. Read some excerpts from the interview or listen to the full interview below.

KRFO Radio: What's your reaction to the opportunity to coach in Owatonna?

Dave Fromm: I'm super excited. I grew up in Minnesota and I've got the school background. I coached high school here...(Owatonna is) a big city/small town. One high school. Tons of athletes. They love their sports...Kind of like a Friday Night Lights scenario"

KRFO: What's your hockey history?

Fromm: I grew up in south Minneapolis, played at Roosevelt. Was fortunate to be around a bunch of hockey guys...Bob Johnson, Herb Brooks. You didn't know anything you were just around them."

KRFO: What was the get into coaching for you?

Fromm: The passion of the sport. I love teaching (and was a special education teacher in Minneapolis)...Once coaching took off...I gravitated toward it. And I was able to make a living doing it...Something I love to do and a hobby that turned into something that was lifelong."

KRFO: What kinds of things from Colorado transfer here...?

Fromm: Just create a culture. In Colorado, Minnesota, Australia, Switzerland, it's generating your family dynamic in the locker room and that grows outside into the community and creating a hockey culture. People are excited to be at the rink. People are excited to compete. That's going to be a big deal, our competitive level. Whether we win or lose, they're going to come and see a product of competing."

KRFO: What do you know about what the Huskies have coming back and how will get to know them?

Fromm: I've already met, via the phone, with two of the four captains. I met with the youth director here, the athletic director. Starting to get a little bit of the lay of the land. From what I understand they've got a good group coming back, hard working group...We'll have one-on-one meetings. We're obviously going to have a parent meeting, a player meeting. Then I'll meet with each parent and player individually and see what they're goals are and give them my expectations."

Owatonna boys hockey coach Dave Fromm

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