July. 31 days of  the mid-part of summer.  Generally in the Northland, July is the month we can depend on for warm temperatures and plenty of sunshine.  Recreationally, it's the month that many people spend outdoors - at the beach, at the lake, or anywhere that the warm weather and temperatures call them.  From a work standpoint, it's the month of the year that many in our part of the country try to cram in as much of those outdoor chores as possible.  And for farmers and those that raise crops and livestock, the month of July brings the hay season and everything that goes along with it.  And if we're being honest - it's also when we start to see the first of the back-to-school sales and ads.  That's why it's good to have some holidays and celebrations to help pass the time - as we set our sights on enjoy the warmer weather.

The month of July brings a variety of different holidays and celebrations. Independence Day kicks off the month - commonly called the 4th of July - to celebrate our freedom  and our country.  There are also a variety of different feasts and celebrations throughout the month.  These celebrations often bring the opportunity for cards, presents, special meals, days off, etc. In fact - some argue that these holidays are just excuses to buy things. But a closer look at the calendar reveals that there is something special going on for each of the days of the month. Looked at through that lens, there is actually an awful lot going on during the seventh month of the year.

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Here is a look at those 'National Days Of' celebrations - with one for each of the days of July. You'll find that some of these days focus on food, some focus on cocktails and beverages, while others celebrate toys and office supplies. Pick and choose which day you want to take part in or celebrate them all. Whichever way you choose to play July, you'll have some fun while you count down the 31 days. Enjoy.

July's National Days Celebrations

A quick look at the July calendar - shining the spotlight on each individual National Days celebrations.

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