Wayne Steele of the Steele County Free Fair was our guest on Fair Talk this week on AM 1390. Wayne discussed some of the changes coming to the former KRFO stage which will now be known as the Elmer Reseland stage. The stage will focus on children's entertainment.

First off one of the new groups coming to the fair is a Twin Cities based group call Bazillions. The songs they perform are education based with light rock tunes dealing with letters, numbers, punctuation etc. They'll be on the Elmer Reseland stage.

Secondly, we have an entertainer who is hooked on Hope Butter. The Moogician did some research on the Hope Creamery and paid a visit and is now a big time fan like many of us, of Hope butter. He hauls home pounds and pounds of Hope butter back for friends and family in New York.

Thirdly, we discussed the arrival of the Butterfly man with his hundreds of butterflies that will be set up at the fair in the newly named KRFO Town Square north of the 4 Seasons. A total of 60 pots of flowers are needed for the butterfly tent to give the butterflies something to set upon.

4thly, one of the popular acts with local ties is back. Janelle (Prokopec)Kendall will be back with Walter's Wheel House performing on Wednesday of the fair on the Fair Square Stage. Kendall a Blooming Prairie grad is the Stearns County attorney and she played  a large role in the outcome of the Danny Heinrich case involved his kidnapping of Jacob Wetterling.

Wayne discusses some other changes and how they came to be north of the 4 Seasons Centre.




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