Here's a few tidbits you not have known about Minnesota. It ranges from schemes, murder and bitter cold. Here we go.

  • OlgaMiltsova Townsquaremedia
    OlgaMiltsova Townsquaremedia

    Weather Tidbits

    We're certainly aware of the reputation Minnesota has for cold winters. Some gardens froze as temperatures dropped below freezing. The date was July 4 1859. Speaking of winter cold, the mercury dipped below zero on January 18, 1936 and stayed below zero for the next 36 days.

  • Yobab Townsquaremedia
    Yobab Townsquaremedia

    Foshay Tower

    Wilber Foshay erected the Foshay Tower in 1929. What's with the picture? Well, Mr. Foshay a few years later was sentenced to 15 years in prison for running a pyramid scheme. Got it?

  • drsabrinacercelovic Townsquaremedia
    drsabrinacercelovic Townsquaremedia

    Otto Bremer

    Most of us are familiar with the Otto Bremer Foundation and Bremer Banks. Otto Bremer and his brothers were involved with the Jacob Schmidt Brewery. In fact Otto served as its president for a number of years.

  • fergregory Townsquaremedia
    fergregory Townsquaremedia

    Minnesota's Last Execution

    Minnesota doesn't have the death sentence. As to why it doesn't, it can be traced back to a juicy story in 1906. A William Williams shot to death his gay boy friend and the boy friend's mother. At William's execution the rope was too long. After the botched execution the momentum for not having the death sentence gained momentum and we know the result.

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