The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has released their 2019 regulations handbook for hunting and trapping. Hunting licenses go on sale Thursday, August 1.

Among some of the changes for this fall is the extension of the youth season to all of Minnesota October 17-20. Dogs may be used to retrieve a wounded deer or bear, as long as the log is on a leash that is shorter than 30 feet long. The owner's name an phone number also needs to be on the dog.

There are also several changes in regards to harvesting deer with Chronic Wasting Disease. Hunters will be able to harvest an unlimited number of antlerless deer in areas of southeast and north-central Minnesota with CWD. Deer must be presented a CWD sampling station on the same day it's killed. The area where deer feeding or using deer attractants is prohibited will expand starting September 1 in areas of central and southeast Minnesota where CWD has been detected.

You can learn more at this DNR website.

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