If Target got a dollar for every joke made online about them over the weekend, they'd make their money back. It was a rough go for nearly 2,000 Target stores on Saturday, including Rochester's stores, after all their registers crashed for nearly 2 hours. The outage was blamed on technology issues.

But just how much money did Target lose in those two hours? A whole heck of a lot. While Target has yet to confirm how much, many reports, including Business Insider, are guestimating around $50 million. One consulting firm suggests it's closer to $100 million! Even if it were just $50 million, that's more than $27,000 per store - Holy crap!

In case you were wondering, the average Target store brings in roughly $40 million per year, or about $100,000 in sales per day, according to CEO of RevTrax, Jonathan Treiber. I contribute to that number frequently lol. And let's be real, that's not going to stop.

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