Yup, that comma is in the correct spot. For the low low price of $35,000 you can get your kid a miniature electric Bugatti.

To celebrate the 110th anniversary of Bugatti the smallest model in the family is introduced: the Bugatti Baby. Almost 100 years after the creation of its predecessor, the Bugatti Baby has been developed using state-of-the-art technologies, while paying tribute to Bugatti's automotive heritage.


Being dubbed the Baby II, Bugatti and London-based Little Car Company have come together to create 500 electric kid sized cars. According to CNN Business, they were originally planned to be sold after the 2019 Geneva Motor Show but due to COVID-19 and people backing out, a handful have become available for purchase!

Selling for a modest $35,000, the "Baby II" is a miniature replica of the original Bugatti Baby that was released over a century ago. According to Bugatti, in 1926 for the 4th birthday of Ettore Bugatti's youngest son Roland, a drive-able half sized replica of the Type 35 was created for Roland to drive! Because it became so popular, Bugatti manufactured 500 more and thus, the Bugatti Baby was born.

The "Baby II" comes in three variations, a base model that has two driving modes, a novice mode, which the car can go up to 12mph, and Expert which can reach speeds up to 30 mph!

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