Madison Wisconsin Man Takes A Tumble In Cement Mixer

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NOT the mixer in the story, but saw it as I was looking thru Getty Images. Taken in Ecuador, check out the brand! Maquilon/Getty Images

A Madison, Wisconsin man that was working on a cement mixer in Vienna, Wisconsin had to be rescued after he fell into the mixing drum as it was spinning on August 1, 2022.

Twenty-five to thirty miles north of Madison Wisconsin, the Madison Fire Department, including their Heavy Urban Rescue Team (HURT), arrived to find the man stuck and injured in the at that point stopped drum.

The man could not exit thru the access hatch, though paramedic teams (from Madison and Sun Praire) could enter thru the hatch, so they immediately started treating the man for his injuries.

The Mixer Was Empty at the Time of the Accident

Cement mixer truck
NOT the mixer in teh story...just a mixer that wanted to be involved somehow. aguirre_mar

Thankfully, the man inside the drum and the rescue teams did not need to deal with cement as HURT spent an hour cutting thru the drum with a plasma cutter. After he was extracted, he was taken to a nearby hospital by the UW Med Flight crew.

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