Southeast Minnesota has seen its fair share of wild animals out and about. It was just a few weeks ago that we saw a bison roaming Rochester, and then it was a cougar out and about in Dodge County.

Now, Fillmore County has its own claim to fame....well, sorta.

A turtle was on the middle of the roadway, halting traffic for a few moments as Preston Police along with some good Samaritans helped the animal off the road to return the road to its normal traffic flow.

Thankfully, Kristy Richards was to catch the entire ordeal on video and shared it with us! At one point, the team attempted to use shovels to move the turtle, but eventually, the squad just picked up the animal and moved it safely. Check out the video below:

Granted, it might not be as exciting as a bison or cougar, but it definitely will put a few chuckles out as you watch the turtle stop traffic for just a few minutes. A big thank you to those who helped the turtle cross the road safely!

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