Can you picture it? When it's as cold as it's been lately, I try to go deep within and conjur up the place I'd like to be. The place that I feel calm, with no stress, no cold, no scraping wind shield or starting dead car batteries.  Your happy place just might be freezing cold temps at 35 below zero...mine...are...not.

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Can you feel the wind on your face? Can you feel smell the air? Does it smell like salt?


Photo By Kelly Cordes

Lake Winnie...That is my place. It's the place where I have fond memories of my family. I remember my son Drew at 2 years old walking up and down the steps of the cabin when he was just learning how to climb.  I remember catching my first fish as a teenager...and I remember how surprised I was that I really enjoyed it, and wanted more.

Photo by Kelly Cordes

I also remember the cold days, and staying in the biggest cabin with family playing trivia; having a big fish fry at the end of the week with all the fish we caught together; and rainy sleepy days where the lake demands that you watch the waves, feel the wind on your face, and stay in.

Where ever your "calm" place is; find it. I sometimes go to the gym, jump on the rower, and picture rowing across a lake; listening to the water lap up against the boat, hearing the swoosh of each row when the paddles hit the water, and listen to my favorite music.

Warmer weather is coming. As Dory says, "Just keep swimming."


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