It has been more than a month since Daryl 'Dice' Budenski was last seen in Northfield. The 71-year-old was heard from last on September 29th, and is a lifetime Northfield resident. With deer hunters heading out into remote areas of Rice County this weekend, it wouldn't be a bad idea for hunters to keep an eye out for any signs of Daryl.

Daryl was last seen in the area of the Koester Court Apartments in Northfield.

Image Credit: Google Maps

So far, according to a Facebook page devoted to the search for Daryl, only his hat and money clip, and debit card have been found. The Facebook group states that the clip, hat, and debit card were found in an area where Daryl would frequently walk, Jefferson Parkway and Highway 246.

Budenski is described as being 5'9" with brown hair and brown eyes. Budenski doesn't drive and often got around on either a bicycle or walking.

The question many who are searching for Busenski, are asking themselves, is where is Daryl? What happened to him, after he was last heard from at the end of September?

Budenski is known to have walked in the area between the Cannon River in downtown Northfield and Jefferson Parkway. He was almost always seen with a hat on, to go along with the glasses that he wore.

Volunteers have formed a posse of sorts and are taking the search for Daryl personally. Some have even devoted time in the sky to fly over more secluded and rural areas in the hopes of finding a clue or a sign that Daryl was there, or perhaps even Daryl himself.

Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM

If you are going out in the woods this weekend and you come across something strange, out of place, or suspicious, don't touch it, take photos of the area, and get ahold of local law enforcement. If there is any evidence of a crime you wouldn't want to disturb the scene.

If you've got information as to where Daryl is or you may have seen Daryl around the last time he was seen you should give the Northfield Police a call at 507-645-4477.

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