Last August we shared the news that Family Video was closing its doors for good in Owatonna. Total Wireless and the SunRise Grill were also closed by the end of October, and Dollar General has been moving in.

Melissa Hall/TownSquare Media
Melissa Hall/TownSquare Media

Of course the question is, when is the Dollar General going to be opening its doors for customers? From a glance in the doors, it looks as though the shelves are getting stocked and they are finishing up the final details before they can open. Signs on the door indicate that they are still hiring. I reached out to Dollar General PR Department to get the information about the opening. I did hear back from Angela Petkovic in their Public Relations department and she said:

Please note that we are tentatively set for our new store at 205 Oak Ave. N. in Owatonna, Minnesota to soft open within the next week, but the ability to do so on that timeline may be subject to final store preparations.  Given the fluctuation on the soft open, please understand our hesitancy in that we don’t want your readers and our customers to think the store will open on a certain date and time and have a bad first-time experience with Dollar General in our new location. I can share, however, we have a grand opening celebration tentatively planned for Saturday, February 15 to officially welcome the community to the new location.  The celebration is scheduled to begin at 8 a.m. with free gift cards and giveaways.


While there is not yet an exact date for the soft open, they are planning a Grand Opening for February 15th, tentatively. with the festivities scheduled to begin at 8 am.


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