I read something that says that people are more likely to give up several things rather than give up their phone for a month.  I thought it seemed kind of crazy.  I think I could do without my phone for a month if I had to, as long as I had computer access.  It would be annoying, but I could do it.

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So, we decided to take a little poll of people here in Central Minnesota.  The results of our small group was quite different than the National average.  Here in St. Cloud, people were mostly willing to give up their phone other than their pet or their significant other.  That seems very normal to me.

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But check this out...

The question was what which relationships and/or indulgences would you be willing to give up to keep your smartphone.  40% would give up their pet.  WHAT??  44% would give up their significant other rather than give up their phone.  72% would give up alcohol for a month.  And 64% would give up coffee for a month.

That is a difference than people here... our own poll on our Facebook Page most people would give up their phone.  Now this seems more rational to me than the National average.  What is wrong with people?  I say that jokingly.  But really?  I guess it is just a month, and maybe your really need your phone. But that's why I added the caveat of needing to have a computer if the phone was taken away.

Still kind of surprising, wouldn't you say?

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