We asked the following on our Facebook page: "What do you add to your chili when you eat it? Crackers? Sour Cream? Cheese? Something else?" We didn't realize that we would get so many answers, and some answers that we would not have thought of. Chili is one of those dishes, everyone has their preferred way of eating it, and their preferred way of preparing it.

An overwhelming majority state that they eat their chili with cheese. Several add diced onions, a variety of crackers, Fritos, tortilla chips, and cornbread also made the list. Sour cream was also a top favorite to put on chili.

And of course there is always that person:

  • Dave Swenson commented: "You mean, "What do I add to my shredded cheese when I have Chili?""

We're with you there Dave, we know people like that. They are usually the same ones who have a little bit of pumpkin pie with their whipped topping.

For the ideas we want to try department:

  • Kristen Matson Numedah commented: "In addition to above , chopped cilantro , green onion or both.
    Corn bread on side for SURE with bacon, cheese and mild green chillies incorporated before you bake 😋"
  • Michelle Roberts commented: "Central Wisconsin - add noodles, call it deer camp chili, put it in an ice cream pail and it lasts all weekend"
  • Jennifer Lynn commented: "Rice, avocado cheese"

Is there anything missing from the comments? Let us know. And of course, this begs the question, traditional chili with the hamburger and tomato base? Or, a white chicken chili?

Roy Koenig/Townsquare Media

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