This is quite the story. The Oak Creek Police Department made an interesting arrest earlier this month.

On Sunday, November 3rd, a concerned resident called 911, claiming that someone was swerving down a local road with a chicken on his shoulder. Yes, a real, live chicken.

According to WISN News out of Milwaukee, cops found the car in question and when pulled over, discovered a bunch of open beer cans and the chicken 'fluttering around inside of the vehicle.'

This was the driver's third drunk driving offense. He is now out on bail. The good news is that there are no reports at this time of the driver injuring anyone on the road.

The chicken, whose name is Teresa, is fine. Reports say it was taken to the local animal control until the owner can come take her back. It is not mentioned how the driver got the chicken in the first place or why it was in the car. Yikes...

Drunk driving is never funny or okay but I do have a lot of questions regarding the chicken and how it got wrapped into the situation.

Oak Creek is located near Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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