I first learned about this big shooting event when my son was in Boy Scouts. He had developed an interest in target shooting and someone suggested we check out the Shooter's Roundup at Ahlman's Gun Club in Morristown. It exceeded all expectations for us.

Any thought that it was a little, hidden gem of an event was quickly dispelled. As we made our way west off of I-35 from Faribault, we were part of a long line of vehicles. Aaron and I were a bit stunned that every single car turned north at the large billboard. While there was a crowd and some lines, things moved along and we had a blast!

The event is back for 2021, August 28 and 29 from 9 am to 5 pm each day. For ten bucks you get admission, a limited amount of shooting and all the free shows. For $30 you get a lot more shooting. The Ahlman's website brags, "You won't find another event this side of the Mississippi that offers this much entertainment for only ten bucks. Of course, if you test fire every single gun, enter every contest and pork out at all the food stands, you can run up the tab a bit."

New events for 2021 at the Shooter's Roundup:

  • crushing cars with a tank
  • world shooting champion Travis Tomasie
  • Minnesota's Jack Sparrow "and his band of motley pirates"
  • Civil War re-enactment

Regular attractions

  • Wilderness Hunt, "Our most popular event. You'll face 15 challenges that demand proficiency with shotgun, rifle, handgun, bow, knife..."
  • Zombie Safari
  • exotic gun testing including a machine gun and a .50-caliber gun
  • old west melodrama
  • vendors

Bring your earplugs, a few extra dollars and a sense of adventure.

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