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My son is a big fan of target shooting. Back in his Boy Scout days we learned of the Shooter's Roundup held at Ahlman's Gun Club in Morristown. We had a blast, figuratively and literally, each time we went. The 2020 event is still on for August 22 and 23 according to an email sent to enthusiasts.

The announcement says, "To comply with state guidelines, there'll be a number of changes made to help protect you from COVID-19. But none that are so strict that they'll keep you from having a great time. So mark your calendar for August 22 & 23 and plan to spend a day or two at Ahlman's."

Aaron usually participated in the Wilderness Hunt ($30) that includes plenty of opportunities to shoot, using shotgun, rifle, handgun, bow, knife, and ax. For a couple extra bucks, he would also take a turn with an AR on the Zombie Safari, "you and your guide will board a safari vehicle and head off into the unknown. Along the way, you'll travel throug a thick swamp, teeming with zombies."

One year my brother gave the machine gun a whirl. I enjoyed watching for the most part, but took a few shots along the way as well. Mine weren't as on target as my son or brother. General admission is $10 and comes with limited shooting. Parking is free. Some stations charge for ammo.

It is worth the time to take in the old west melodrama. "You'll cry when Sweet Sally is gunned down. You'll gasp when cowboys fall from the rooftops," the website states. Several stage shows can be found throughout the grounds. There are military vehicles on display, many vendors and food available as well.

The email added, "Besides the regulars, several new exhibitors will be here demonstrating their latest guns and related equipment. This is your chance to test first nearly every model of gun currently made."


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