Not often do we hear the word 'Thunder Sleet' being used in a forecast but thats exactly what we are experiencing today. But what exactly is 'Thunder Sleet' and what makes this natural weather phenomenon so rare?

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So what exactly is Thunder Sleet? Well, it is exactly what is sounds like! This natural weather event happens when thunder and lightning happen at the same time as sleet, or freezing rain. It a weather phenomenon that is extremely rare and according to Scientific America, "less than 1 percent of observed snowstorms unleash Thunder Snow or Sleet'.

Thunder Sleet forms in a similar fashion as a traditional Thunder Storm, but with a minor difference. Thunderstorms traditionally form when warm, moist air rises into cold air. The warm air will become cooler which will cause the water droplets to form. This repetitive circuit of rising and falling air is called a convection cell which thunderstorms are formed. Thunder Sleet is formed when rain falls from the cloud and the ground temperature is below freezing (32 degrees), the droplets will starts to freeze. Some times they will not freeze until they are closer to the surface. Conditions have to be just right for Thunder Sleet to form which is why this weather phenomenon is so rare to see!.

So learn more about Thunder Sleet, you can visit DTN's website by clicking here!

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