In a show of solidarity, and also showing just how deep the roots of law enforcement and enforcement agents are in Minnesota, the DNR Enforcement Division took time during their annual awards and training conference to wish Waseca Police Officer Arik Matson the best.

The 38-second video message to Officer Matson, the MN DNR Enforcement Division let Arik know that all of the conservation officers are "thinking about ya, praying for ya, and each update we get on you brings us a lot of joy. From our family to yours, we are all behind ya and we are looking for you to be back soon."

After the heartfelt message, the entire group let out a cheer followed by applause.

I thought this was a really great thing to do not only for Arik but also for his family to let them know people are still thinking about Arik and cheering him on during his recovery from being shot in the head on January 6th while responding to a call.

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