Growing up, I have always wanted cows and horses as pets, but playing three competitive sports at the same time, made it hard to make that happen. With trends going the way they are, having cows as pets is now a common thing. Breeders have been working for years to breed miniature cows. Now that the genetics are figured out, you can have a miniature cow as a pet if you have the proper housing for them. I have fallowed many breeders on Instagram and Facebook. In the last week or so the buzz across the country has grown quite a bit!  So... can you have a miniature cow as a pet in Minnesota? The answer is yes and no!

Miniature cows may act like big dogs, but they are still cows. According to Rural Living Today, each miniature cow you own needs a half-acre of pasture land to graze on. They are very social creatures. This is one of the many reasons that I love them. So if you have one, they need some sort of companion. This can be another cow, a dog, a cat or any other animal. A lot of folks don't realize how smart cows are. You can train them to do a lot of things if you are willing to put in the time.

The site says there are around 26 different breeds of miniature cows. Each breed brings something unique to the table. Don't worry about size because they range from less than 32 inches to 48 inches depending on the breed. If you have a hobby farm and are looking to get milk, a miniature Holstein would be perfect for you. I know it can be hard to wrap your mind around the idea, but if you are raising your cow for beef there are a few good breeds for that. Most miniatures could provide a small family with a lot of beef. You might consider getting a Lowline Angus or a Miniature Texas Longhorn (they usually have tender meat) if you're raising them for beef. If you're just looking to get an adorable cow, some breeds to consider... Miniature Panda Cows (black and white faces), Miniature Herefords and one of my personal favorites Miniature Scottish Highlands (the fluffy brown cows). These are just a few of the breeds that are available. You can check out more here.

Here's the tricky part... cows are considered agriculture animals. Many cities have laws, rules, and ordinances that state you can't raise agricultural animals in the city limits. That makes having a miniature cow as a pet hard. Other things to consider... It is also important that you can provide proper feeding and watering equipment. You don't necessarily need a barn, but you do need a shelter for when our bad Minnesota weather does strike.

If I had enough land to have one I totally would! These are truly amazing animals!!

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