It was the end of an era yesterday in Minnesota as the Bunker Beach Wave Pool located in Coon Rapids was demolished to make way for a new water park feature. The wave pool was a top attraction for people throughout the state to cool off during the summer months.

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Unfortunately, no one was able to use the wave pool, or water park at Bunker Beach this year due to COVID-19.

I remember going to the wave pool in my teens and spending the entire day out floating near the wave generator in a tube while trying to impress girls. I don't think there were too many impressed girls.

Taking the place of the now-demolished wave pool in 2021 will be a brand new heated wave pool, lagoon, and family restroom building. You can see what the finished project will look like here.

I think we can all agree we are looking forward to the summer of 2021, and the hope that pools and wave pools will be back open for business.

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