When the world shut down due to the Coronavirus, so much beer went unsold and stale (a moment of silence for a sudsy friends). Our friends from down under are not letting it go to waste though as they have found a new use for all that beer!


By adding around 150,000 (liters) of expired beer per week, we generated a record 355,200 cubic meters of biogas in May and another 320,000 cubic (meters) in June, which is enough to power 1,200 houses. - Lisa Hannant, Senior Manager of Production and Treatment

According to CNN, Australia is repurposing all of that unused and stale beer as renewable energy! At the Glenelg Wastewater Treatment Plant just outside of the state capital of Adelaide, millions of liters of beer has been powering the water treatment process for the past few months! The plant combines organic industrial waste with sewage sludge to produce a biogas, this is then converted into electricity which powers the entire plant. The biogas created is enough energy to power 80% of the plant. With the latest addition of the stale beer, it has supercharged the energy generation to 654 megawatts hours in a single month!

Australia's largest breweries, Lion Beer Australia, stated that it was dumping 90,000 kegs or approximately 4.5 million liters (1.188 million gallons) of beer in May after the Coronavirus shutdown was implemented in March.

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