Washington (KROC AM News) -  The congressman who represents the Rochester area is ripping President Trump’s State of the Union speech - bigtime.  

First District Congressman Tim Walz says the speech was “all talk” and he expects what was said Tuesday night will soon be "different." This was expected to be the final State of the Union speech that Walz attended as a member of Congress as the Democrat is now running for governor.

Here is his official reaction to the speech:

“I simply cannot in good conscience respond to tonight’s address as if it is a normal State of the Union. Whether with his complete disregard for the rule of law, his clear intent to obstruct justice, his efforts to tear down our law enforcement institutions or his dangerous rhetoric, this President has made it abundantly clear he is unfit to serve.

What we heard tonight from the President was, as always, all talk, and I have no doubt it will be different by tomorrow morning. In Congress, our efforts must focus on working together on behalf of all Americans and restoring the damage done by this Administration in the past year. “

Newly appointed Minnesota US Senator Tina Smith responded to the speech by calling on Trump to back up his call for more bipartisanship. The rookie Democrat says she will look for common ground but will also resist proposals she feels will harm Americans.

Here’s part of her official reaction:

“President Trump talked a lot tonight about the need for bipartisanship. I couldn’t agree more. But he needs to put those words into action—something he and Republicans in Congress repeatedly failed to do in the first year of this administration. I sincerely hope that changes.

“So, here’s my promise: I’ll fight back when the President pursues policies that harm people, and I’ll also look for ways to find common ground to get things done in a bipartisan way.

News Update:  US Senate confirms Minnesota Supreme Court justice as a federal judge.

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