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This would be super scary! Over last weekend, on Sunday, and Minnesota family in New Brighton had a turkey break through one of the windows in their home.

I have no idea what happened when the turkey got into the home but I can only imagine that everyone was freaking out, including the turkey. The Minnesota DNR was called about the incident and help get the turkey out of the home.

The report from the Minnesota DNR, according to Bring Me the News, says that when Conservation Officer Ryan Hanna arrived at the home to help the turkey was already gone and must have figured out a way to get out of the house. Hopefully the poor turkey didn't hurt himself getting in our out of the home!

CO Ryan Hanna also said in his report that it seems like the turkey had no idea the window was there. He assumes that the turkey saw the reflection of the trees and thought the trees kept going and instead crashed into a family's home.

Like I said earlier, I do not know what the family did that lives in that house when the turkey came busting in but I know what I would do: I would go hide in a room, lock myself in there, and call the DNR from there! You never know what that turkey could do, especially now that he's in an unknown environment.

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